Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's your brain age?

This year, I decided that I would scrap the traditional shirt-tie combo and buy Todd a toy for his birthday instead. So Rebecka and I got him a Nintendo DS Lite. He received this gift with a mixture of shock and guilt. Obviously, he is not used to getting toys (I'll have to do better in that area going forward).

However, he quickly warmed up to the idea and went out and bought himself (and the rest of us) a game called "Brain Age." It is the coolest game ever! Basically, you take a series of quick tests to see how old (or young) your brain is. The lowest age you can get is 20. The main goal is to keep your age lower than your real age.

Today, I managed to get my brain age down to 20 during a practice round (I selected the games I wanted to play). I.e., I don't quite have this machine beat, but I'm working on it. It's amazing what kind of brain boost you get from just a few minutes with this game.

On a similar note, Todd mentioned the other day that he saw a segment on the Today Show which described a series of tests one can take (if one has lots of money) which determine your "inside" age. I.e. how old are your organs, bones, etc. It's called a Body Age Assessment. Here is an article about the same.

It's interesting we spend so much time focusing on the outside when the inside is really what is important if you want to live long and feel good. Although, I think someone who is healthy (physically and mentally) on the inside will automatically gain beauty on the outside. It's all connected... in the great circle of life. Or something like that.

What Would Darwin Say?

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