Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gingerbread Time

Today was the annual gingerbread baking day at the Green house. Generally, we do this a bit closer to Christmas, but since we're not really going to have another free weekend in WI before we leave for Sweden (20 more days!), we decided to go for it. We spent the morning making sure we had all the ingredients and required equipment. Apparently, our cookie cutters are in storage, so we had to go buy some new ones. (Oh well...) Aside from this minor hiccup, everything went according to plans.

The dough seemed to last forever. We baked cookie sheet after cookie sheet of snowmen, hearts, stars, dog bones, cats, and more hearts. At one point, Rebecka counted 147 cookies. Then it was time for the icing. It is not a Swedish gingerbread without the characteristic white trim. The icing also lasted forever. Rebecka ate the last of it. I hope she brushed her teeth...

Tonight, we enjoyed pepparkakor and glögg while playing Apples to Apples after a long day in the kitchen. It was a three-way tie between me, Rebecka, and Todd. Good times.

For an idea of how you can use gingerbread for charity (at least if you are an accomplished architect/baker), check out these Modern Gingerbread Houses for Charity. The point being that anything is possible when it comes to raising money for charity. In fact, the wackier the idea, the better.

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Baby!

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