Sunday, November 16, 2008

Running for Maintenance

Winter is a pretty boring time for runners. There aren't really any races to run (except a few Thanksgiving races and potentially a New Years Day race). And if you live where I do, it's too cold to run them anyway.

When you don't really have anything to train for, it's hard to stay motivated and not get bored with the training. However, it is also a good time to relax somewhat from intense training and give your body a bit of a break. I looked on to see if I could find a good maintenance running plan, but there was none to be found.

So, I made up my own...

Mon: 1.5 miles warm up, 3 miles intervals (e.g. 2 x 800m; 4 x 400m with recovery periods in between), 1.5 miles cool down
Tue: 20 min elliptical + weight circuit x 3 (I use the ABS Diet program for strength training)
Wed: 5 miles easy
Thu: 20 min elliptical + weight circuit x 3
Fri: 6 miles with 1-3 miles tempo or 6-9 min hill running
Sat: 30 min elliptical (or easy run) + weight circuit x 3
Sun: Off

The experts also recommend you sign up for a spring race so you have something to look forward to. is a good site for finding races in your area by type, distance, and several other criteria.

Just keep running.

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