Monday, November 24, 2008

To Winter Tire or Not To Winter Tire

A week ago today, Rebecka performed in a musical at a theater about 10 minutes from here. It took us close to an hour to get there (and would have taken longer if one of my friends hadn't been gracious enough to guide us to a secret shortcut over the phone). The reason: it was the first real snow fall, people were heading home from work, and I'm pretty sure most of them had not put on their winter tires yet. Everybody was going in slow motion!

I had surprised myself by actually not procrastinating regarding this matter and already had my winter tires. This was after a lengthy lecture from a couple of colleagues who insisted that I get winter tires over "all-season" tires. Todd got different advice from the folks in Iowa. They insisted that all-season tires work just fine. My tire experts at work insisted all-season tires don't cut it in the Midwest winters. I decided to take their advice.

So, I had no problem driving up and down the hills, unlike everybody else. We finally made it to the theater at exactly 7 PM (which was the start time). Fortunately, everybody else was late as well, so they waited a while before commencing. By the time the splendid musical was a thing of the past and we were driving home, the roads had been covered with layers of salt and the return trip was much faster (albeit disturbing - what is this going to do to my car??).

Now to the funny part... Here is my husband's Facebook post from last night after their first snow fall: "Todd is thinking that he might need to buy snow tires after all."

It's slippery out there.

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