Friday, December 24, 2004

icy wonderland

An icy blanket covered Nashville and most of this part of the world the night before yesterday. The temperature was somewhere in the teens that morning. Being insane and addicted to running, I decided to go to the gym anyway and slid over there around 7 am.

The gym was dark as I entered and I wondered if it was even open. There, in the dark, stood the friendly man who scans my card in the mornings and calls me "Anna", because that is the name on my card. "Is the gym broken?", I asked. He responded something about it being an NES problem rather than a YMCA problem.

I sat around for a minute and decided to go to work instead. The power was out there as well... I went up to the office, chatted with Pete for a second (he was going to stay, but he has a window and 2 hours of laptop battery life), and decided to go back home (why did I ever leave??).

I made it up the hill (barely) to our house and opened the front door. It was dark. You guessed it - the power was out there too. It was great! I couldn't work, I couldn't watch TV, and I sure couldn't surf the internet... So I wrapped all my gifts, sang while Todd played the piano, and went outside for a winter walk and took lots of pictures of icicles.

It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Vilken julafton! Bilderna du tog var ju också fina.
Vi hörs idag på Juldagen.

Balaji said...

That makes two. My buddy Steve had a similar experience when the power went out at his place.
Apparently we seem to enjoy a lack of electricity and maybe everybody should benefit from this. Just pull the plug on your house once a month to destress.
Good to hear you had a wonderful christmas. Merry christmas.

Tabita said...

Yes - no power can be a very good thing. Makes me want to throw out the TV and other things that distract us...

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Balaji said...

Visit my blog and help me spread the word from my 12/27/04 entry.

Rebecka said...

Mommy? Why were'nt your toes frozen?