Sunday, December 12, 2004

this weekend...

...was fantastic!!! :)

Gone are the woes of previous posts. I'm tired, yes, but everything was just very swell this weekend.

My sweet friend Katie of Wisconsin was in town and I managed to see her every day she was here. Breakfast at Panera this morning was especially pleasant. :)

Went to company Christmas Party - and was thrilled to be at an event where I was not at all in charge of ANYTHING!! Forced relaxation rocks.

Some other very nice things occurred...

Got to talk to both of my parents!

Pulled off the Christmas Musical without any kids falling off the stage or setting fire to each others hair. Had so many terrific people help out with it (thanks M!). Our good friends Pete and Emi came to it, which was quite thrilling. As did my boss w family, which was also very cool.

Talked to my awesome friend Jennifer for the first time in months.

And now I'm chatting with my genius friend Steve.

Hmmm - I should probably be working, but - there's always time for that later! (Let's see how long this high lasts, shall we? I'm betting less than 24 hours.)

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katie said...

I had a fabulous visit! Thanks so much for making so much time to see me! It was a treat!