Thursday, December 09, 2004

name of the day: anna

In Sweden, today's namesday is Anna. This is my first name (I go by my second name).

Today was the suckiest namesday ever.

However, I did get the movie Chocolat from Todd (thanks honey!). Rebecka made me a candy dispenser and a bookmark (very creative!!). And my mom left me a Happy Namesday message on my voice mail (it's her namesday today too...).

Still the suckiest ever...

I'm tired of working all the time. I'm tired of people looking at me and telling me how tired I look. And I'm definitely tired of being tired all the time.

Ok - bitching time is over. Back to work.


Balaji said...

Anna is a captivating name... simple yet so feminine... for some strange reason I was immensely fascinated for a few moments by the sound of "Anna". I was going like a broken record player... 'anna... anna... anna... anna... anna...', till the sound of the word lost all meaning and sounded totally strange. I NEED TO GET SOME SLEEP.

My turn to bitch!!!
I am tired of driving 25 miles just to shower and change and then drive 25 miles to get back to my computer! I am tempted to take a sleeping bag and change of clothes with me to work. There has got to be a shower somewhere in this big fat airport.
I am tired of seeing everyone else in my cube zone leave 10 hours before me and come only 2 hours before me!
I am tired of hearing my advisor telling me to include more references on my draft!
And I can't believe that I can't come up with more "tired of" statements that you!! Darn!
Oh btw, happy namesday.

Tabita said...

Your comment made the day slightly less sucky...

Thanks!! :)

Btw - Do you ever go to IKEA? When i lived in Waco, we used to drive down to Houston just for the day to browse that marvelous store (and buy Swedish food).

appwiz said...

I got to work at 7:55 am and came home at 5:20 pm. Everything else went as planned. Even made time to wander over to B&N to pick up books, and finished one already. Can you SEE the smile on my face?

Tabita said...

Thanks friend... ;)

Your call made the day slightly less sucky... :)

n said...

Take care. I was in the same state (everyone at work commenting on how tired i looked, me struggling to meet deadlines, coming to work on weekends to do so) until a week back, when i succumbed to a bacterial infection and low bp.

Nothing is worth compromising on your health. Learnt that the hard way. Not something i would want anyone else to go through.