Monday, January 31, 2005

i'm a working mom...

This morning I promised Rebecka that I would come eat lunch with her - no matter what... and I would bring McDonalds (that's what all the other parents do).

Of course, my boss schedules a meeting 45 minutes before I'm supposed to be seated in the cafeteria with above mentioned McDonalds lunch, and ready to eat. No problem - it won't last more than 30 minutes...

Lunch is at 11:45. At 11:35, I'm getting in my car and racing like a maniac to the nearest McDonalds where I know there is an ATM inside. The ATM is broken... so are the card readers at the counter.

"You don't take cards?" I pant, as I pour out the contents of my coin compartment.

"No," comes the cold answer.

"Do you need money?" asks a friendly voice. An angel is standing in line next to me.

"Yes!!!! Could I have a dollar?" He hands me a $5 bill. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll give you the change as soon as I order..."

The kind man pays for my child's lunch and I run to the car after grabbing a straw and two packets of ketchup on the way out. Ketchup is a very integral part of a Happy Meal.

For security reasons, parents must sign in at the front desk before entering the school. Today, I'm not a fan of security. The lady tries to make small talk - I don't have time... I dash through the hallway to the cafeteria... "Ms. Green! Rebecka's class is eating the the classroom today, but she still wants to eat on the stage." It's Mrs. Force - environmental nazi and cafeteria police. I rush to the classroom. Whew! Just ten minutes late... I mumble something about being stuck in a meeting. There is still time to eat on the stage... "Take your time!" says Mrs. Hughes.

We took our time and it was a great lunch. I need to do this more often - just with slightly more time and cash...


Balaji said...

I couldn't help but go "awww..."
Brings back memories of my mother bringing me lunch when I was a kid in school... good times!

Bibb said...

Getting a speeding ticket trying not to be late for an elementary school field day - about a thousand dollars, including the state mandated auto insurance surcharge.

Seeing your daughter's smile when she saw you there - priceless.

Tabita said...

Love it! :)

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