Thursday, January 13, 2005

milking it...

I finally went to work today. Amazingly, the business had not collapsed in my absence. Spent lots of time testing software and logging lots of bugs. I enjoy logging bugs. The software engineers do not enjoy when I log lots of bugs.

Anyway, when I got home, Rebecka asked if she could keep doctoring me as she had the past three afternoons. Of course! I crawled into bed and enjoyed an evening of pampering.

The Cart Lady brought me water.

Doctor Green examined me using a veterinary medical kit (I had a 100.4 temperature).

The Story Book Lady read me the book "A Bad Case of Stripes". She also read me 3/4 of the poem "This is the House that Jack Built". I didn't get to find out how it ends, because the Story Book Lady got tired.


katie said...

you've made me smile...

Anonymous said...

House that Jack Built ending:

Jack is shutdown by the county for not having valid I-9's on all his workers. The Morgans, who Jack was building the house for, file suit, but because they have a deadline to move out of their old house and can't wait for the process to play out in the clogged court system, they hire a second contractor to finish the Jack house. It gets done, but when the neighbors talk amongst themselves, they say the house is "funny looking" and "kinda crooked".

The Morgans never collect against Jack.