Monday, January 24, 2005

YMCA trauma

I had my morning perfectly planned out... I got to the gym right at 6 am, did my workout, and had 40 minutes to get ready and be at work by 8 am. This particular morning I really, really needed to be at work early b/c new and very important clients would be in the office and expecting a meeting to begin at 9 am. Before that, I needed to go over all the material that they had sent us and (most importantly) have breakfast.

I had picked out an outfit that would fit the occasion, which involved a shirt that needed to be ironed. No problem - there's an iron in the YMCA dressing room (at least for the women). However, when I started ironing... panic! It wasn't working... For some reason the iron wasn't getting warm enough to make the material non-crinkly and making it worse by leaking water everywhere...

I finally gave up and made the desicion to go home and shower and find another shirt. I was so mad and frustrated that I called Todd in tears on the way home... Then I thought: How spoiled am I that I'm crying because a damned iron isn't working and my morning isn't going to be quite as organized as I had planned?

I need to look at the bigger picture more often... And do my ironing at home.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else hear the sound of a stuffed cat approaching?

Fluffy said...

Tab, are a sad, pathetic woman - that's the bigger picture you need to look at more often.

BTW, I have added more material to my blog ( For those of you who haven't visited it, I have a blog dedicated to the destruction of all that Tabita represents.

Fluffy the Cat