Tuesday, January 04, 2005

spouse manual

At dinner tonight, Todd and I started joking about what would go in manuals that we would write for potential new spouses for the other. I think it started with me not being able to smell some odor in our house and he said: "I need to write a manual for the next person who gets you..." Apparently, it would outline how I think I have an excellent nose, where I really can't smell any real odors, but only made up ones (like chemicals and such).

Thus began an interesting learning experience...

Todd: "And also how you would never know if there was a dangerous problem with your car until it blew up. So, if you're married to Tabita, you should drive her car every now and then to make sure that it is still OK.

Tabita: "And I would write about how she should never try to attempt to persuade you to get a different haircut. It will be the same until he dies."

Todd: "Watch out when you need to walk behind her in the kitchen, because she always sits at the edge of her seat with the chair pushed back all the way."

Tabita: "Don't ever put anything that has been on your plate on his plate..."

Todd/Tabita (in unison): "And definitely never drink out of his glass!"

Etc, etc, etc...

We had fun.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Oooh! Can blog commenters contribute?!

Todd's manual: All music purchased for him must have been recorded in a year that's divisible by 1987. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for songs by artists whose name rhyme with Welton Bohn.

Actually, maybe I should stop this in case I ever get a blog. :-)


Todd said...

Chapter 1
So Tabita is Your New Wife? 10 Tips to Dealing with a High-Maintenance Spouse Who Thinks She is Low-Maintenance

Chapter 2
The Wonderful World of Trans-Fat Free Food: Tabita's Health-Kick and Why You Must Suffer For It

Chapter 3
Cleaning House: How to Respond to Tabita's Semi-annual Request for Hiring a Maid to Clean your 1100 sq.ft. Condo

Balaji said...

If I was married and my spouse suggested something like this, I would freak out!

Tabita said...

but, but i'm not high-maintenance!! ;)

Rebecka said...

Chapter 4 Daddy, waht is a spouse manual!!!!!!!