Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Years YMCA

I went to the gym this morning to do my first long run in preparation for the half marathon coming up on March 19. I could barely find a parking spot OR a treadmill to run on...

My first instinct was to be all annoyed that it was so crowded, and why were all these people who never usually go here and taking up my spot..? Then I realized - so what if I have to walk for 60 seconds to get from my car to the front door..? And so what if I can't get a treadmill in the Cardio Cinema..? How cool is it that so many people want to be healthy and fit that they spend their Saturday morning at the gym??? I'm not complaining.

The first person on the neighboring treadmill was there with an oxygen tank. Talk about inspirational! Those times when I have trouble rolling out of bed for my morning run, I will think of him...

Managed to run close to half of the half marathon distance - not a bad start. It took 70 minutes - but I wasn't worrying about speed today. Next week will be 7 miles (at least).

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