Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbye Reverend Green

Hello Doctor Green!!!!

Yep, Todd defended his dissertation today (boy, did he defend!). Five years of grueling work and anguish over at last! He did an awesome job in that room with all his brilliant professors asking him challenging questions. Todd showed them that he knew what he was talking about and he will not accept the theory that secularization is inevitable. No, no, no!

I'm so proud. :)

Now what fun things can I come up with for him to do with his new found free time? (evil laugh...)


Chris said...

Congrats to Todd!

David said...

Great job, bro!!!

Maybe he has some time now to give Fluffy a good scrubbing?


Anonymous said...


Maybe you can take some time and scrub the ugliness off your face!


katie said...

Congratulations Todd!!!! We're proud of you!

R-e-b-e-c-k-a's Blog said...

ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE to daddy. Fluffy, Davie be NICE:(:(:(:(

Anonymous said...

P.S. Has it really been five years? It seems like yesterday you were dropping off your kindergartner and heading to the Vanderbilt library? Imagine what has come in those five years. Panera's and free internet service. Sophie and all that she is....the list is endless..

Your Nashville friend (or as Tabita would say, one of your many Nashville friends)...