Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coffee Houses

Sitting at Panera... I guess it doesn't quite qualify as a "Coffee House" but it is the only decent one in close proximity to our house (other than Starbucks). The past couple of weeks we've been testing out different coffee shops in town:

The Frothy Monkey was very pleasant. Not big, but had good Chai Tea and good music.

The Portland Brew was some jail version of a coffee house. Not very cozy and the bathroom was apparently "disgusting!" (as per Becka). Supposedly good if you drink coffee, which I don't.

I just like to go to coffee houses for the atmosphere, the Chai Tea or Hot Chocolate, and the coolness of it. It is also much easier to get work done when Sophie is not jumping up on me every 5 minutes and scratching my thighs (which is the case most of the time at home).

Anyway, the quest continues, but today we decided to settle for the familiar and the close... and the bagels are pretty darn good.

Todd is reading Harry Potter #7. Rebecka is "working" (i.e. blogging).

I guess I should get back to my fun-filled design activities.

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