Sunday, July 08, 2007


Since so many of my friends/relatives have never had the chance to come visit us, I thought I'd put some pictures up so that people can see what our home looks like:

Formal living/dining

The heart of the home (where I am sitting right now typing this up).

Kitchen at a different angle (Todd would like to point out the lack of trans fats and high fructose corn syrup in our pantry).

The "Reading Room," which is also "Sophie play room," "Stretching room," Sit-in-front-of-the-fire room," and much, much more.

This is where the princess lives (when she is around).

Sleepover headquarters (aka Bonus Room).

Rebecka's office.

Looking out the front door.

I left out the master bedroom, the bathrooms (why would you want to see our bathrooms?), the guest bedroom, and the office for various reasons:

1) They were too messy.
2) It takes so darn long to upload pictures and I have to go get ready for church.
3) This way you will have to come visit to see the rest of the house.

All are welcome (please call ahead so we can stock up on junk food, soda, and other foods that we may not typically keep in our pantry)!


R-e-b-e-c-k-a's Blog said...

Nice pictures of my room, and my "office":-)

Tabita said...

You have the best rooms, girl.