Friday, February 13, 2009

The Essential Notebook

I love notebooks. I go to Barnes & Noble and Borders to browse the notebook section and discover what new models are available. (Way cheaper than going to car dealerships, btw...) Whenever I'm in a new city and walk past a store that looks like it might have cool notebooks, I have to stop in. I love to open up a brand-new notebook and think about all the notes that will one day fill the pages. Will it be idea notes, reminder notes, hate notes, love notes, journal notes...?

I love the act of writing notes in my notebooks. The feel of a smooth pen against the paper. Words forming under my touch. Page after page filled with notes that I have composed. Combinations of words that have never before been written. Just for me.

I have an ecojot notebook for work. Here I note down summaries of conversations, reminders, ideas, outlines and drafts for documents, agendas, etc. I also have a smaller notebook that fits in my purse. This is for personal reminders, on-the-go ideas, songs to download, and everything else.

Recently, I added a third notebook to my arsenal. I realized that I have so many great ideas while I run. However, if I want to remember them, I then have to repeat them over and over in my head until I'm back home and can write them down. This clutters up my brain and prevents further exploration for the rest of the workout. Most of the time, I just forget half the ideas by the time I have a chance to write them down. So, I decided to bring a little notebook to the gym. It fits in the cupholder on the treadmill for easy access. When a fabulous idea enters my head, I simply take a quick walking break and jot it down.

Notebooks are essential if you want to use your brain at its full capacity. The reason is that your capability to think creatively is drastically hampered when there's a lot of stuff to remember cluttering your brain. If you force your brain to remember to get the dry cleaning, write the rent check, make an appointment with the CPA, schedule a grooming appointment for your dog, etc, there is not much room left for strategic thinking, creative composition, focused research or whatever brings you closer to your overall life goals.

Fashion experts talk about the essential little black dress...
I'm all about my essential little black notebook.

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