Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pajama Day (aka Remember the Sabbath)

Yesterday, I read a chapter in The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs called "Time." The main theme of this chapter was "reclaiming your time," discussing everything from "Do One Thing at a Time" to "Leave Your Job at Work." It was a lot of information I already knew, but you know how you learn things and then stuff it into a few cells somewhere in the back of the brain and then forget? Reading these types of books and articles are good reminders.
The most important reminder for me was "Religious or Not, Rest One Day a Week." God wasn't kidding when God gave this commandment to Moses way back when. It is a really good idea. In fact, humans need the break. I'm not a fan of the Little House in the Big Woods style "sabbath," where you have to sit on a chair all day and read the Bible. I am, however, a believer in the "go with the flow and do only relaxing activities" style sabbath. But I had forgotten.
I used to think my parents were crazy for not wanting to go shopping on Sundays. I mean, wouldn't that be the perfect after-church activity? Now, I totally get it. I have a friend who refuses to cook on Sundays. Instead, she takes her family out for Sunday lunch every week. Others may go for a walk around the lake or make sure they don't mow the lawn on their day of rest.
I decided to remember the Sabbath today. Rebecka and I had a "stay in your pajamas" day and did exactly what we felt like doing. I worked out, enjoyed a leisurly breakfast with Becka, read, took a nap, cooked salmon, and watched the coolest movie of 2008 - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I do have to admit that I also did two loads of laundry, but only because I felt like it and I knew it would prevent stress in the days to come. It was a good Sabbath.
Coincidentally, while I was still composing this post in my head, Rebecka created a new blog and wrote her first post. Guess what it was called...
Pajama Day
I think she enjoyed it too...

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