Thursday, March 12, 2009

Defying Winter

Last night, I decided to take Sophie the Bichon for a walk around the block. It takes about 25 minutes (it's a large block). Ten minutes into it, I realized just how freezing cold it was (around 10 degrees with an ungodly windchill). It would have been OK if I'd been wearing my long johns, but I got out of the habit of wearing them a couple of weeks ago when it was 60 degrees outside. Fifteen minutes into the walk, I could no longer feel the tip of one of my fingers. Sophie was dragging, so I picked her up so as to expedite the return home to the warmth of our apartment.

We finally arrived at home with all fingers intact and very chilled legs. I slipped into my fleece PJs and drank some hot milk to warm up. All in all, it was I very refreshing walk and I was pleased to have defied winter. I won't let freezing winds keep me from taking "lovely" neighborhood walks when it is supposed to be spring.

Today, I'm wearing a pair of pink long johns...

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