Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wordpress Themes and Annoying Up-sell Tactics

I spent the entire day yesterday looking for a good Wordpress theme (no joke!). I'm creating a new blog (more on that as the time of launch gets closer) and decided to go with a Wordpress blog hosted by GoDaddy. I've heard a lot of rave about GoDaddy's hosting services and they have good integration with Wordpress (and I know someone who works there). The one thing I didn't like about the whole process was their over-the-top up-sell methodology. It's almost impossible to check out. They bombard you with additional options and it's extremely annoying.

Anyway, back to the WP themes. I am looking for a very simple, clean, well-written, easily customizable, white, stylish theme. When people come to the site, I want them to feel relaxed and have a terrific user experience. The user should be able quickly to find relevant content, easily read desired content, and want to look for more. Here are a few templates I found that I rather like. What do you guys think?

Copyblogger (very common theme, but oh so nice)

Blueprint Theme (simple, with clean lines)

Green Grass (I would get rid of the green grass though...)

Rihanna (aren't those puppies so cute??)

Skimmed Milk (I love the simplicity of this)

Elements of SEO (SEO is good)

Plainscape (organized, airy, clean)

Love The Orange (not sure if I love the orange, but that's easily changed)

As an extra bonus, I'll also share a couple of neat sites I ran accross that would be a good asset for any blogger:

Free Webpage Headers (lots of headers in multiple categories)

stock.xchng (tons of free pix)

Color Hunter (upload a photo and it gives you the matching color palette!)

Blogging is fun.

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