Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Checking Things Off the Someday/Maybe List

If you're one of those people who have embraced the GTD methodology for freeing up your time and your brain, you may have a Someday/Maybe list. This is the list of stuff you would like to do some day, when you get around to it.

For years, I've had the following things on my Someday/Maybe list: Record a Swedish album, learn to play the guitar (beyond D, G, and Am), and get an EMBA. And for years, I've done very little about it aside from gaze longingly at my list and turn to the "must happen now" list with a sigh.

During my last vacation, I decided that I was done sighing and ready to do something about this list. I got in touch with my dear friend Melissa in Nashville and told her I was coming down for some recording fun. One month and two sessions later, we have the guitar and vocal tracks for seven Swedish folk songs recorded and ready. Some instrumental tracks and mixing remain, but it feels like we're 80% there. Melissa, you rock!

Todd knows about my Someday/Maybe list, so he got me a Fender for my birthday. It is beautiful. I am paying for Rebecka to take lessons and then the plan is that she is going to teach me. I'm giving her piano lessons in return. I like the concept of trading services. :)

Once I can effortlessly play any number of songs on the guitar, I'll start worrying about the EMBA.

One thing at a time.

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