Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar is Evil

This is not the first time I've blogged about the evilness of sugar. Back in October, I wrote a post simply titled Sugar in which I talked about some of the obvious dangers of eating too much sugar and also my resolve to cut the sugar.

I did a really good job of this until my birthday in the middle of January (even through the holidays!). I had dental surgery right before my birthday and was not feeling so hot. Ice cream felt really nice in my sore mouth. It was a special occasion, so not a big deal, right. Well, apparently we've had quite a number of "special occasions" here lately (Yay! Rebecka got an A on her math test, let's go get some frozen custard for dinner...), because my stomach has not been feeling well and my tight jeans are a little too tight.

Time for a reset!

Tomorrow, I'm starting my new 30 Day Habit on The Power of Less Challenge forum and it's going back to the basics. "Cold turkey" on obvious sweets, switching from Bumpers to Cheerios (whaaaah!!!!), replace granola bars with fruit, eat more protein, etc.

I'm really looking forward to feeling fantastic again!

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Anonymous said...

UGH... After what you put yourself through, you might as well view "special occasions" as just another reason to avoid sugar (including and especially the sneakiest most embarrassing source of sugar you could put in your mouth which is FRESH FRUIT!).