Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is Here!

I have tulips in the kitchen to prove it...

I know my Wisconsin-born friends and colleagues would tell me that I'm jumping the gun on this announcement. However, I feel that declaring the arrival of spring makes it more real.

This afternoon, Todd, Rebecka, Sophie, and I drove to the park to get some fresh air and soak in the warm sun. Once we arrived, we all set off for a stroll. Rebecka dropped off after about five minutes and went to find a cozy spot to read her book. Todd, Sophie, and I continued. Sophie was very busy. She ran around and sniffed everything in sight. After about 15 minutes, she grew weary. But I wanted to keep going forever! I got the idea to walk home from the park. Todd was kind enough to offer to drive the tired ones home in Elmer (our green Toyota Echo). I walked and walked, took deep breaths and smiled at the world. It was magnificent to be able to take a walk and not be freezing. It made me feel alive and ready to tackle anything! I arrived home refreshed and hungry.

Walking is good for soul and body.

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