Tuesday, December 19, 2006

feeling better...

After two days of sleep, Alka Seltzer, and Nyquil (I love US drugs), I actually feel much better. Still a little hung-over from the last dose of Nyquil (took it just a little too late last night), but good.

Need to jump in the shower so that I can get ready to leave with my mom, dad, and Becka to go see my grandma (farmor). She is 96. I can't wait to see her. She loves to cook and play Yatzee. We definitely have the Yatzee part in common.

Vacation has been great fun so far, despite the pesky cold. Have yet to see my sis Scilla and her love, Fredrick tho. They will join us on Friday. We'll have 13 people here for "julafton" (Christmas Eve). Good times (as my friend Katie would say).


appwiz said...

One of my closer friends lives near Malmo (says he's 20 minutes away from the Koenigsegg factory) and he told me he made a trip to Germany last month where he stocked up on 600 bottles of Heineken and litres of Jägermeister. I do know for a fact that Jägermeister tastes like NyQuil and it makes you *very happy* so mebbe you should try some...

Katie said...

my grandma turned 95 the day after this post.
and I hate most drugs but love alka-seltzer
funny, eh?