Friday, December 29, 2006

Sophie News

We're missing Sophie.

She is spending Christmas with a very nice family in Nashville. They occasionally send us little notes to tell us how she's doing. Here is an excerpt:

"She loves our back yard and standing like she's king of the world on top of the picnic table. It's kinda funny to see her up there! We've got lots of dogs around us and she doesn't even bark at them any more. So I know that means shes settled."

Rebecka also received news that Sophie has crossed the state line! Yes - the other day, she ventured all the way into Kentucky with her temporary foster family.

Last night, Todd and I were speculating what Sophie might be thinking at this point. She probably thinks that she simply has a new, cool family. We're not even sure she'll want to come back to our house... There are five people to love on her in the current home - at our house there are just three - and one of them (me) is gone half the time.

Well, hopefully she'll still remember us and jump for joy when she sees us, just as we're secretly hoping and imagining.

Sophie is so cool...

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