Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Swedish Runner!

On our run today, Todd and I saw another runner! We have been wondering during our runs why we are not bumping into Swedish people who share our affinity for the sport. Perhaps because it's too cold (!?!?!), or maybe they all have treadmills in their houses, or maybe they only run when they're late for the bus/train?

We have received curious stares (very discrete stares - we are in Sweden after all) as we run along "Storgatan" (Big Street), the main shopping street of the town. I think we stick out just a bit with our fancy shoes and running gear - but maybe just because we are running for recreation, not to serve a purpose (other than feeling great!)...

Anyway, I gave the man a runner's wave and for a second he had a mixture of confusion and pleasure on his face. Then he returned the gesture and went on his merry way. Todd and I looked at each other and I did a little jump of joy. Another Swedish runner!

They really do exist!

PS - Rebecka and I have been in our PJs for over 24 hours (except for above-mentioned run).

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