Thursday, December 21, 2006

Out on the Town

Todd and I went to Stockholm today. It rocked. First we took a bus out to Ersta Diakoni to check out Todd's place of research. It was really cozy (except apparently for the archives in the basement that I didn't get to see). We also got a nice view of Stockholm across the water.

Next, after a sprint to catch the bus back to "Slussen," we went to a very sophisticated used book store so that Todd could see if they had any new books of interest. I spent my time perusing a photography book about a Jewish getto during WWII. Not the most uplifting of reads, but a good reminder of the evil that occurred and how important it is that we as humans do not forget.

Lunch time!! Kebab Palace was the winner of the "Where do we eat?" game. It served up traditional kebabs (gyros) and Swedish-style pizza. Good times.

Ok - then came the fun part (no offense Todd) - shopping! I have been on a mission since Thanksgiving to find a cool pair of boots. We looked at a lot of different stores, but finally came back to the first one we visited, Mixage (see above). This store was awesome. It had shoes that actually fit my deformed feet - and more than one pair. There I found my new boots:

After a lot of shopping excitement and crowded stores, we eventually made it to Gamla Stan, which is a wonderful old part of Stockholm from the Middle Ages. There we browsed the Christmas market on the town square and enjoyed of some "fika" (Chai Tea and Cinnamon bun for me) at possibly the coziest cafe in town, "Kaffe Koppen."

We were welcomed home by a house the smelled of gingerbread baking and joy. Luckily, we made it back just in time to put the finishing touches on these traditional Swedish cookies, at which Rebecka and Miriam had already been hard at work:

It was a good day.

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