Tuesday, October 12, 2004

choir names

so i direct an intergenerational choir at my church - and yes - we have members from ages 14 to 80!

anyway, right now we're the "Intergenerational Choir" (boring!) so i asked the choir members to attempt to come up with some suggestions for a more interesting name.

well, one of our basses came up with the following list:
  1. Psalm Pilots
  2. Golgotha Borealis
  3. Greenest Pastures
  4. Be Attititudes
  5. On Körs
  6. His Tree Singers
  7. The Certainty Principle
  8. The Counter Terror Choir
  9. Beyond Belief
  10. Fearless Forgiveness
and being the geek that i am (ok - maybe not - it's all relative) i really like #1

but #8 is fun too... :)

#9 probably best in reality?


appwiz said...

Sakra Dorrar - with the ä in the appropriate places :)

Tabita said...

yeh - i'll keep that one in mind... ;)

Anonymous said...

How about:
"The Holy Howlers"
"Shout at the Devil"
"Wayne Newton Crucifix"
"Jobe and the Tough Breaks"


Tabita said...

awesome... :)

holy howlers - love it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tibita- Was just reading some of your comments (nice to see there are so many Christian people in the world) and wanted to let you know that for choir names your #1-Psalm Pilots is acutally a Contemporary Christian band out of North Carolina. If you do a Web search you'll see some ads about a few concerts we have done etc (most have been pulled off since year-end but new batch will start soon). We have one coming up this weekend too. K-love web site will sometimes post some of our concert events. Thought it was funny that you came up with that one. We have been around since 2002.

Hope your Well and God Bless
Worship Leader and Lead Guitarist/Psalm Pilots