Friday, October 15, 2004

this morning

I discovered when I got to work that I had left my laptop at home. It made me say a bad word (several times - shhhh!). Good thing I live 1.8 miles from work and that I had a slight buffer before my first (out of five) meeting of the day. And on the upside - on the way back home, the engine of my car actually warmed up so I got some heat... yay! :)

btw - I've been playing the same song over and over in my car non-stop for two weeks. It's "Where is the Love" with Black Eyed Peas. It is an awesome song - and if you haven't heard it, please download it NOW (legally please...). I'm am forever indebted to my good pal Melissa for getting it for me - and just having one song on a CD is awesome - don't have to worry about hitting repeat!

The ride from home to work is about 1 1/2 "Where is the Love"... :)

Favorite phrase: Wait - I can't decide... It's all so good...

Just read the whole thing here.


appwiz said...

I listen to music from

Tabita said...

that's cool! i've never listened to it... may have to check it out... what kind of music?

appwiz said...

its a blend of rock, alternative and techno