Sunday, October 24, 2004

The human hamster wheel

Some runners think that people who run on treadmills are sissies... If you're not out there in the sweltering heat risking dehydration during the summer or slipping and sliding through icy streets in the winter, you're not really a runner.

Well, I LOVE the treadmill. I love it because it provides climate control (unless you place your treadmill outside, of course), it tells me exactly how far I've run and how fast I'm running, and it gives quick access to bathrooms should a sudden urge arise...

Did you know that the first treadmills were used on farms to generate power and in jails to punish prisoners!?! I'd take the treadmill over highway cleanup any day... ;)

Having said all that - nothing beats a early fall run in the woods, watching the world awake, and listening to the sounds of nature... Hmmm, makes me want to go to the lake.

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katie said...

I was always an outdoors advocate. I used to prefer outside even in ice and cold temps. Once, my brother got us a couple of free passes to some gym, and my eyes were opened! Treadmills are a viable option, and can be quite delightful for the reasons you mention.