Thursday, October 14, 2004


food is an interesting thing... i think about food a lot.

when you're a runner you have to. your body craves good food.

today i had:

breakfast - oatmeal with walnuts, raisins, applesauce, and soy milk

this is my standard work day kick-off meal - can't live without it.
there's nothing like coming to the office after a 2 hour workout - starving - and turning the laptop on - stumbling into the kitchen while it boots up - and preparing a bowl of steaming oatmeal to eat while checking the morning emails and blogs...

ok - snack - nature valley chewy granola bar (fruit and nuts) - graciously bestowed upon me by one of the dev managers... :) and probably some lovely flavio hot chocolate (only 66 calories!)

lunch - whole wheat pita with hummus and a tasty apple

second lunch - plain non-fat yoghurt with granola and dried fruit

dinner - some scary frozen skillet meal with chicken and pasta (thanks for cooking honey!)

dessert - lovely strawberry sundae crunch bar :)

snack - graham cracker w natural pb and soy milk

and i am satisfied...

food is awesome!

oh - forgot the starbursts i snuck in during piano lessons (supposed to be for bribing the kids to practice)

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katie said...

dinner was the funniest! ;-D