Thursday, October 21, 2004

it is here

rebecka's t-shirt came today! doesn't she look excited?


Anonymous said...

That's a strained smile!!! That's a strained smile if I ever saw one!!!

Rebecka's gonna be a Republican!!!

As Todd hath sown in the family of Jerry, so reapeth he in his own.

Anonymous said...

(last comment by Todd's bro David who is too lazy to set up a blogger account)

Tabita said...

She totally voted for Kerry in the class election! (her and 5 others...) ;)

Anonymous said...

I (David again) voted for Jimmy Carter in my 1976 class poll.

My age at the time? 7

It all fits.

Anonymous said...

She probably hates her parents for making her way politcal shirts at such a young age when she should be wearing pink.

Tabita said...

oh - she loves it! wants to wear it to school... :)