Wednesday, October 13, 2004


went for a fast and fun run in the mist this morning...

this is the time of year when i think at the beginning of the run: "i should've put on more clothes" and think at the end of the run: "i'm glad i didn't put on more clothes"

i love fall!!!

speaking of running - i'm so thrilled that this month's Runner's World featured John Edwards on the cover rather than the obvious alternative - this is the only magazine i read on a consistent basis and as much as my husband makes fun of the "scientific findings" in this outstanding journal, i think it's great - and now i like it even better!

Edwards actually spoke of his running on the Tonight Show last night - Jay asked who would win a 5K (Edwards or Bush) and Edwards replied something about Bush standing on the sidelines of the football field with pom-poms... :)

did anybody else notice the resemblence between Edwards and Harry Potter's Professor Lockhart with all that smiling he had going on?

oh - and if any of you are not already running - please start now - it will change your life.

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