Tuesday, October 26, 2004

what's important

Whew - been busy... i can't believe how long it's been since i wrote something!!! ;)

Anyway - early this morning I had a revelation. Rebecka crawled into bed with us at some point during the wee hours and laid her head on my arm... I gave her a big hug and had this overwhelming sense of knowing exactly what was important in life... It's not work, it's not being able to run 13.1 miles, it's not wearing the latest fashions (although - that is fun!), it's not keeping the house spotless at all times, etc, etc...

It's this little human being lying next to me in bed (and the much bigger human being lying on the other side of me... ;) What a responsibility! I stress about being a good parent a lot. I know all the theories behind raising a smart, well-adjusted, and healthy child. I wish I didn't. Because there's no way to do it all. I'm not sure when Rebecka last had a vegetable... I'm not sure how many hours of TV she watches every day... But - I know this...

The next time she asks me to wrestle - I will... and the next time she asks me to help her with a messy art project - I will... and the next time she asks me to play pretend games with her stuffed animals - I will...

But this is cool... Whenever I feel like I'm a bad parent, I go look at a little poem that Rebecka brought home from school one day. It goes like this:

Home is comfortable
Home is where people love me
Home makes me feel like a new day

Ok - she's fine. :)


katie said...

Did she write that poem? It's awesome! Yes. I think that you are a wonderful parent! And she'll grow up so darned fast... One of my favorite one-liners is from something that was on the wall at my g'parents years ago. "Nothing is ours but time."

Tabita said...

Yeh - she wrote it! She's so talented... ;)

I like that one-liner... I'm going to write it down... :)