Thursday, October 28, 2004

field trip joys (and firsts)

Park in long distance parking (it was open - yay! hate when i have to go to economy parking)... Take the fun-filled shuttle ride to the terminal - today I decided to make conversation with the person next to me for the first time... Vandy professor of literature on his way to Yale - who would've known?

Walk over to the security place (printed boarding pass at work)... Take off shoes, take out laptop, put it all on the belt, go through the thingy, hear the security dude say "Have a nice flight!" and for the first time manage not to say "You too!", put shoes back on, put laptop back in bag, grab the stuff and head for the gate.

Once there, try to do some work - suroundings too distracting... board - who took all the overhead compartment space? dig out papers to read, and for the first time ever - ignore papers and go to sleep... my, i must have been tired! I missed the drink and pretzels, and woke up to "ma'm - u need to put your seat in its upright position for landing..."

Get out of the plane, ride the little Hertz shuttle to the car rental place... First time to rent a car (always been riding along with someone). It was quite a smooth experience despite the fact that my name wasn't on the board and I actually had to go into the little booth to get my car (apparently a first-timer thing).

Drive to corporate apartment - get lost (naturally - first time staying there) - finally find it... take off shoes and sink into the sofa. Power up computer, and yeh...

Wonder what adventures tomorrow will hold???


Sam said...

I thought I had it, but now I can't find your e-mail address. Zip me something at so that I have it... please.

Todd said...

This is an awesome blog!!

Todd said...
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Tabita said...

Thanks honey! That means a lot coming from Mr. English Major... ;)