Friday, March 11, 2005

cellphone charging

Last night, when I came home from the party, I was just a little too tired and out of it to have the energy to charge my phone - it was completely dead.

Late this morning, I realized that I wasn't going to be at work in time to enter my hours from yesterday, so I decided to call my friend to ask her to do it for me. I moaned to myself when I remembered that I hadn't charged my phone last night as I pulled it out of my purse.

But - lo and behold - my dear husband had retrieved it from my purse, charged it, turned it back on, and returned it to its proper place - just for me.

I love him... :)


Anonymous said...

My brother is a girl.


Tabita said...

Hmmm - I guess I like girls... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey now...

On the other hand... my brother has a girl. :-)

(I thought I would just go ahead and beat Todd to that punch line.)

Tabita said...

The Green brothers - always thinking ahead. I wonder if that is ever going to rub off on me...?