Wednesday, March 09, 2005


keep waking up at 4 am. stress perhaps. i need rest. have more work to do - now. can't wait until tomorrow is over and in the past. big day - lots of pressure.

want to run away. to a quiet place with no interruptions. to be alone. without responsibility. just for a little while. lie in a hammock. and read - and sleep - and dream (nice dreams) - and wake up and read some more.

i'm reaching my limit. a friend said: "you need to communicate your limitations..." it is hard. very hard. but soon it will have to happen - there's no other way. i will do my best. it will have to suffice.

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Bibb said...

Your best is probably somewhere past being more than sufficient. But you are right, it is hard to communicate limitations, harder still to really accept them. That is what friends are for, mirrors so we can see for ourselves that limitations are not what matters.

Anyway, I'd blame the Chicken Quesadilla.