Friday, March 25, 2005

erring on the side of life...

Shouldn't "erring on the side of life" also involve the following:
  • Not executing innocent black males because they can't afford proper legal aid
  • Not signing laws allowing doctors to override the family's wish to keep a loved one on life support if they can't afford it
  • Not attacking other countries for the heck of it
  • Allowing children and the elderly to have the same quality health care as the people on Capitol Hill
  • Keeping guns off the streets and out of the hands of people who use them to "settle arguments"
Bush's approval ratings are at an all time low - do you think that it has anything to do with the fact that people are finally starting to realize what a hypocrite this man is?


Balaji said...

An episode of Boston Legal dramatized an execution by lethal injection. I could barely watch the dramatized fear... let alone imagine the actual fear that a death row inmate has to face. I am still divided on the death penalty. I believe there are certain people who do not respect human life and dignity to such an extreme that they are not fit to live in society. However, I don't know if it is within anybody's right to end that person's life.

It pains me to see the Schiavo case being dragged out so dramatically in the media and political circles. Whatever happened to the concept of privacy! Another thing I don't understand is if Mr. Schiavo is living with another woman and they have kids, isn't that grounds for divorce by adultery or something! I just can't express how bad I feel for this woman... but I guess it doesn't matter. Like you said... all we can hope for is that they err on the side of life...
good post.

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Tabita said...

Hey - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It's tricky stuff. I just want some consistency in our administration...

You have a good Easter too! And I brought Dooce back - just for you... ;)

Noah said...

You it would be nice to think that people are starting to realize the crap that Bush is dragging this nation through, but I think we're still a ways from that point, or at least the point where something will be done about it.

It’s nice that Bush feels that he needs to promote strong “marriages”, yet pays no attention to the fact that the husband is fighting for what his wife told him to do within the sanctity of their own marriage. I don't blame him for starting a new family. This fight has been going on for 15 YEARS. He's not doing it for any reason other than to fulfill his wife's wishes. He has turned down millions of dollars in help from other similarly minded people in this country.

But then again what do I really know about the realities of this situation. I only know as much as this bloated media can spew at me.

Bibb said...

"Erring on the side of life" is still erring. What a wonderful standard to aspire to. Explains a lot.

How about “Erring on the side of…" the rich, military intervention, public sector poverty, or environmental exploitation? Wouldn’t that be refreshing to hear?

I’d rather hear those singer/songwriters at the Bluebird Café.