Saturday, March 19, 2005

cool shoes and other things

My dear bro-in-law, aka AnonD, sent me a link to this article that talks about the new Addidas running shoes that "uses a sensor, a microprocessor and a motorized cable system to automatically adjust the shoes' cushioning." I had read about this shoe in Runner's World, but kinda forgotten about it. I guess the $250 price tag made me think (as with many other things such as the iPod, PDA phone, etc): "I'll just wait until they get cheaper..."

But - for all you runners out there with some disposable income - go buy a pair - and let me know if they're worth it. Btw - the Adidas website is cool. Being in UI redesign mode, I'm looking at the www in a new light now... Where are they putting the logout link? What colors are the using? Is the search on the same page as the search results? How easy is it to navigate? Whew - I just need to stop surfing.

So I have a few new candidates for my new shoe... Let me know what you think:


PS - The FedEx man delivered my tickets yesterday - yay!!


appwiz said...
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appwiz said...

The first pair.

Why don't you get gold shoes like Michael Johnson?

Tabita said...

Hmmm - Not a big fan of gold shoes... Or gold purses... Or gold clothes... Mostly I just like gold jewlery. :)

Speaking of jewlery - one of my friends at work is going to pick up some perls for me from Hyderabad. I'm excited. I heard that there is cool wooden jewlery in Mumbai - will you get me some next time you go? ;)

appwiz said...

sure - as long as you provide me with images of what you want.

..:: J ::.. said...

hmm, me thinks the second pair looks better!