Tuesday, March 15, 2005

vacation in sweden

Nope - I'm not talking about mine (although it is coming up in 94 days), but rather this story that Todd found the other day.

I want to travel "across snow and ice on sleds pulled by sturdy dogs through unspoilt nature"!! Unspoilt nature is the best thing ever. I always get really depressed when I drive through landscapes that must have been amazing before the interstates and fast food joints and ugly billboards took over... I imagine the Native Americans slowly riding across the plains on their little ponies and buffalo strolling nearby...

Yes - I am a romantic.


Lyn said...

Okay, I still don't get the whole blog thing, but now I at least know what kind of dog I am (Cocker Spaniel) thanks to Becka's blog. If you're going to blow of some time, why not spend it surfing for great deals so you can stay out of the horrible merchant malls?

katie said...

wow! That is the vacation for me! Only, it'll have to wait a few years while I save up enough kronor.

Tabita said...


I wish I had time to blow off... But I do love saving time by buying stuff online. :)


I do hope you can come with us to Sweden one of these days. That would be swell. You would make a good Swede. ;)