Monday, March 07, 2005

sports talk

Yes - I know you're confused. You have come to the right place. I don't often delve into the world of sports, but yesterday that world was just too great for Sweden:

First of all, the track and field team got more medals than ever before in the European Championships. Stefan Holm cleared 2.40 (tenth in the world to do so, second Swede) on the high jump. Swedish girls took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the 60 m hurdles. The list goes on.

Secondly, a Swedish guy won the world's biggest cross country skiing race, Vasaloppet, which is 90 km. This is based on the trek that the Swedish King Gustav Vasa made in the 16th century to escape those evil Danes. Except, apparently, he was wearing snow shoes rather than skis...

Finally, Annika Sörenstam won her first competition for the year in Mexico City.

All this is just too exciting to ignore! :)

PS. This morning CNN aired a story about this 6-year-old who was suspended because the mother refused to spank him in some administrator's office. The guy on the machine next to me said: "The kid needs discipline and the parent refuses to spank him - now that's just wrong!" Boy, that gave me lots of fuel to finish my workout. This is where I come from: In Sweden spanking has been outlawed since the early 1980s... Favorite quote by the school's administrator: "We use progressive discipline." Progressive in which century!?!?


appwiz said...

I must be superdoofus today because I didn't understand. Are you for or against spanking?

Tabita said...

Take a wild guess... Hint: Am I generally for solving problems with violence or against solving problems with violence?

mamma said...

The girls were first and second and the Swedish men were third and fourth in their race. Just to get it right.

appwiz said...

Dunno. It's been a long time since I've spoken with you - and even longer since I've seen you.