Sunday, March 06, 2005

this is me...

One day this past week, I went to Rebecka's class to talk about becoming a US citizen. It was a good time and the kids were really great. Best question:

"Do you have really, really tall mountains in your country?"

"For the last time - NO - we don't have really tall mountains - I'm not from Switzerland - I'm not Swiss - and I certainly don't speak Swiss (nobody does!). Why can't anyone get that straight???"

That's actually not what I said, 'cause I didn't want to hurt this little child's feelings. I explained that yes, we have some mountains, but not quite as big or as famous as the ones in that other country...

Anyway, during art class, Rebecka drew the above picture of me and everyone signed it as a thank you card. How cute is that!??! When can I come back?


Fluffy said...

If you ask me, the picture is an improvement over reality.

The Fluffer

mamma said...

Tell Rebecka she did a good job!