Saturday, March 26, 2005

four angels

I want to introduce four angels: Joanne, Lala, Subba, and Priti.

What do these angels have in common, you may ask...? Well, these wonderful women all took care of my child at some point during this crazed spring break. They fed her, bathed her, housed her, took her to McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese, gave her a brand new toothbrush, let her play with their dogs and children, took her to the Adventure Science Museum, and much, much more.

Angels, you have no idea how much help and stress-release you provided. Thank you!


papilioMarcellus said...

It's always good to have angels around. You are very fortunate. Now I need a few angels myself for this week.. which is spring break for Ian. =-)

Tabita said...

I'm sure they will come...

Hey - you remembered your username and password!! That's awesome - now you can blog... :)