Tuesday, March 01, 2005

unexpected visitor

It's 7:30 am. I'm about to step into my boots, in order to step out the door into the *bitter* cold and drive to work, when Rebecka bursts in through the door:

"Mommy, Mommy! There's no school today. A lady came by the bus stop and told us that it's a snow day! And there's a girl and her mom already left and can she come in?"

"Of course she can come in... What's your name, honey?"

"Joyce," comes the whispery answer.

Well - that was about the information we could gather... We also managed to extract a last name, mother's work place, and teacher's name. The next 30 minutes were spent in detective mode... We called the school - no answer. We called mom's work place. Nope. We called other random parents... No luck.

Eventually, Todd got a hold of mom and volunteered to keep little Joyce for the rest of the day so that she could stay at work. Todd gets the Dad-of-the-Year award!!! :)

Wonder if this is part of the whole "Whoever welcomes a child such as this... welcomes me." deal...?

Moral of the story: Make sure your kid knows your name, your number(s), and any other pertinent information. And don't leave for work until the bus comes!!

PS. I spent a good part of the morning (before 6:30 am) singing at the piano. It was an amazing way to start the day. Must do this more often...

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