Tuesday, February 15, 2005

concert notes

Ben Folds is my hero - he wore green socks like I do. I'm wearing my green socks today in his honor.

There was too much bass - it annoyed me to no end. I was ready to shove the "engineer" out of the way to make things right - Todd wouldn't let me...

Did I mention that I love Ben Folds - he sang My Sweet Lord - it was swell. Better than the original apparently (seems like I need to listen to more pre-80s music). Unfortunately the four (4!) guitars and horrific bass drowned out most of his piano playing... Why would you need four guitars? Why?

Mark's friend Phil Keaggy was wonderful as well. That guy can play the guitar. And with such ease and elegance. Wow! I hope I get to meet him sometime. He seems cool.

Oh - and Ben Folds was awesome! I have this feeling I'll be listening to him all day - and maybe stick a little Björk in there - for a change of musical scenery.

PS. I got to teach Rebecka the "how-to-multiply-any-number-by-11" trick this morning. I love that she's at that age now!!


nixforsix said...

I was fortunate enough to see Ben Folds last winter at Emory in Atlanta, He played in a Church sanctuary that they use for concerts and was just him and his piano. Absolutely awesome. It was really cool to hear Ben Folds Five songs without drums or bass. Just a different way to hear the song.

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Tabita said...

Cool! One of my summer plans is to pick up the guitar again... I could use some lessons. :)