Wednesday, February 23, 2005

naturalization info

Friday, February 25, 2005 at 1 pm (need to be seated by 12:45!)

US District Court Middle District of TN
801 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
8th Floor, Estes Kefauver Fed Bldg

This info is for my friends who REALLY love me and are going to be there to see me become an American... ;)

I get to vote in 2008!!! Yay!!!


appwiz said...
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appwiz said...

Congratulations! Any hope of a webcam feed for us unfortunate souls who would *LOVE* to be there, but can't?

Chris said...

Outstanding news.

Now, will you consider yourself a Bama Belle (because of the connection to Todd and BSC), a True Texan (your fondess for all things Bush and Baylor), or the Tennessee Track Star (now that you are up and running again)?

Bibb said...

More Congratulations! I'm having a big bowl of oatmeal in your honor.

Fluffy said...

If it makes you feel any better, Tab, you will always be an alien to me!!

Tabita said...

appy, I'll try to make sure that we at least have a picture... :)

chris, hi - you have a blog - that's cool! ehm, I like Tennessee Track Star :) Or perhaps just Tennessee Star? heh.

bibb, you da man! ;)

fluffy, ditto...

Anonymous said...

Break a leg, Tabita! (In the good way, not the Fluffy way.)


Tabita said...

Thanks! I will do my best. :)