Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the healing powers of ice cream

So, apparently, when you have the common cold you should "get adequate rest, drink plenty of water, and eat good nutritious meals". What if I don't feel like eating "good nutritious meals"? What if I just feel like eating ice cream?

I personally think that ice cream is the best medicine for any illness be it physical or psychological (ok - except perhaps for stomach flu)... That's why I just had a big bowl. Thanks honey! :)

I do find wikipedia's suggestion of "Hot Beer" intriguing...

More sleep. Now.


Dane said...

Hot beer eh? I never would have guessed it. I tried a cold one last night, but that sure the hell didn't work.

I got sick with the common cold between the hours of two and three in the afternoon. I know this because I got really bored while I was getting briefed on a conference and the sniffling, watery eyes started.

I hate being sick. I'd give up all those days of pretending to be sick and having fun, if I never had to really be sick again.

Get better soon. I'll try to do the same.

Balaji said...

Who says ice-cream isn't nutritious... and there is probably plenty of water content in it... so you are right Tabita! It has to be the best medicine for a cold.
Hope you feel better soon...

Dane said...

So that evening after your suggestion I went to the beer store and picked up some beer. I heated it up to a boil, poured it into a coffee cup and took a sip. I almost spit it right back out, but it's beer and I wouldn't do that.
I had to chug the rest. The next day, I awoke a little better than the day before, but not cured. I don't know if it really worked much. I'll test the theory again sometime.

Tabita said...

That's awesome!! (I mean - not that it didn't work too well, but that you tried it...) Did it make you sleep better??