Sunday, February 06, 2005


Mmm. Lunch was good. Surprisingly. You just never know how those frozen, "cooks in less than 10 minutes" stir-frys are going to turn out. Rebecka ate about 1/18th of her serving - every piece of chicken, one of each kind of vegetable, and one forkfull of rice. I ate all of mine + extra rice.

Rice is such a comfort food. I love eating just rice. Ok - it has to be prepared with some butter... Still... No wonder it's the staple fare of half of the world's population (or maybe more than that...). I prefer medium grain rice myself. It's nice and plump and moist.

Anyway, now we're on to movie #2 for the day: Harry Potter 3. Tolerable, I suppose... ;)

Ok - gotta work. Need to send stuff to client by 8 am tomorrow. Joy!

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