Tuesday, November 23, 2004

happy things

I'm really tired of bitching about how tired I am and how much I have to work these days...

Soooo - I'm going to talk about two happy things that happened in the past 48 or so hours.

First of all - Todd spent Sunday afternoon putting together a "Just-for-Tabita" Christmas CD when he should've been reading boring church history books and surprised me with it. Hole-in-one for him... I love surprises, I love Christmas music, and I love "Just-for-Tabita" CDs. :)

My design team will be very tired of this lovely collection very soon, but I love it!

Secondly, today I found "filmjölk" in this country for the first time since emigration nearly 10 years ago. This is huge! I love filmjölk and didn't think I'd ever find it. Here it is called Kefir (cultured milk) and you can get it at Wild Oats (I should've known). It's kinda like drinkable yoghurt and has a very fresh taste. Todd hates it (his description is "sour cream used as milk"). Anyone who didn't grow up with it probably hates it. Kinda like salt licorice or pickled herring.

Anyway - I had some for dinner - and it was marvelous.

So a couple of things to be thankful for during this holiday season - more to come...

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