Wednesday, November 03, 2004

i'm speechless

four more years... hmmm... well... guh... %@$#!!!!

how about those pistons, eh?


appwiz said...

C'mon cheer up. He definitely won't win four years from now.

Anonymous said...

"America... FUCK YEA!"

Ah haha... such a great song. I'm sorry for spreading my "filth," but you can delete it once I've posted it ;-)

And since when did you jump on the Pistons bandwagon? You've got the Grizzles (I know their real name) to cheer for.

Tabita said...

The Grizzlies didn't play yesterday... But they're playing now and they're ahead 4 points... :)

Anonymous said...

Repeal the 22nd amendment!!!! Repeal the 22nd amendment!!!!

Dy-nas-ty! Dy-nas-ty!


Anonymous David

Tabita said...

you people kill me... ;)

katie said...

what is the grizzlies' real name supposed to be?
I'm going to have to be a twolves fan this year. they don't play the spurs until the *very* end of the season. blick! but I think I may go. I would LOVE to see Timmy D in real life. my hero!!!

Anonymous said...

That comment about repealing the 22nd amendment is GOLD. Pure Gold! From this day forward... I'm deferring all political analysis to Anonymous David. His wisdom knows no bound. Now my comments are going to be strictly sports related. And on that note... how about my Dallas Mavericks? We're *only* allowing 94.5 ppg (much better than last year's 100.8 ppg), and we're 2-0. Honestly, I'm just happy we got rid of Walker. That guy is worthless. WORTHLESS! Ironically, he now plays for Atlanta. God hates me :-/