Sunday, November 07, 2004

purse tragedy resolution

well, i threw it away. just now. sob. it was like throwing away your favorite pair of jeans, or selling a beloved car, or moving away from a homey home (ok - maybe not that bad...)

anyway - in the interim i am using my backup purse which my dear husband bought me when our child was small and i needed to be able to fit diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, juice, extra clothes, etc in my purse... it's humongous, but it works.

and one of these days i'll have time to shop for a new one and it will be great. :)

well, of to the grocery store... the fact that i'm buying groceries right now indicates that i am about 30 3/4 hours behind where i should be according to the typical weekend schedule.

oh well.

1 comment:

Fluffy said...

Typical Tabita - "Hey, I'll go out and spend money on myself for a new purse, lots of it, even though I have a daughter, a husband, and a stuffed-animal cat at home who also have needs." Do us a favor, Tab, just use a grocery bag for a purse, and spend the money on other people in your life. Who knows, you might become a better person for it.